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HLS completes 26 years serving Telecom Industry with Kilmist Merger.

 June 15 2010

To the Telecom Industry,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve your needs over the past 2 and ½ decades.  When I entered the telecom business, I never dreamed of deploying over 300 billing systems worldwide, nor did I envision the scope of telecom deregulation and how essential it was to growth and productivity worldwide.   I have really been blessed meeting so many entrepreneurs and founding friendships that have stood the test of time.  I still get calls today from customers that were CAS users 20+ years ago.  It has been quite a ride.

I have now passed the torch to Kilmist Corporation and my friend Shyam Cheropalle.  HLS billing knowledge and technology has now been channeled to SpryBill, the next generation of billing and OSS.  I invite you to visit www.SpryBill.com for more information on this emerging product.

Thanks again my friends and feel free to contact me.


Steven T. Ray


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